Hubeleon Charge Point Management System


Park & Recharge started three years ago when Intel wanted a charge point management provider to take payment for membership cards and then manage their distribution. Previously Hubeleon solely offered a back-office service provider and did not directly liaise with the end user.


Park & Recharge is a charge point management service (CPMS) provider for commercial and private residential car parks. Without a CPMS, charge point owners are unable to monitor energy usage, bill for electricity or maintain the units remotely. Remote monitoring allows owners to proactively manage their assets; improving uptime through remote diagnosis and reducing site visits to fix minor issues. With the billing services and PAYG options Park & Recharge offers, clients can generate revenue from the use of their charge point infrastructure. Customers can set their own tariffs, according to their energy costs and the utilization model they want to encourage.

The products and services suite which Park & Recharge offers has now grown to include a user app, energy management – local grid load for constrained supply sites, multi network (roaming) SIM and GSM modems and communication networking solutions(multiple charge points on a single network connection). PAYG – revenue & payment solutions, APIs for easy integration, Charge point setup training.

Project Stats


charge point currently managed


have been consumed on the network


different models of charge point are supported


average Park & Recharge user actively charge time


average consumption per charging cycle