EV Living Lab

EV Living Lab

The Hangar19 EV Living Lab provides a real-world test environment for trialling EV related products and services. It offers the most extensive range of charging points available to test new hardware, software and platform integrations.

It allows businesses to test vehicles and innovations on a wide range of equipment to prove performance and trial new ideas without the expense of investing in numerous products of your own. It is a cost effective route to progressing your innovation in a safe and secure space. Our team of experts are available to support your testing, offering technical input and practical support so you can maximise the value of your time in the lab.

Benefits of trialling in the living lab

Cost effective route to trialling your product across a range of hardware and software, saving money compared to larger test centres or purchasing test kit yourself

Quicker routes to market as innovations can be tested earlier and more robustly. This also reduces cost of reworking designs to resolve issues missed without wider testing

Validation of your products with those familiar with the EV space

Access to a team of experts to inform your design and testing to ensure you make the most out of the time in the lab

The lab contains three different brands of V2G charger and a plethora of different smart chargers, alongside a comfortable workspace nearby to run the testing. The units are all connected through a digital platform which is available to view the performance. We also offer the chance to test software which we can configure with specific chargers or to connect to our digital platform. It provides a space for businesses to rapidly test and launch innovations which can speed their route to market.

We are currently extending the living lab to include integration with solar panels, battery storage units, which will enable a greater range of products to be tested.

Customers use our Living Lab to:

Test their vehicle innovations with a range of chargers

Trial their energy service platforms with V2G chargers to prove their control systems and test their business models

Prove their software products in the control or interfacing with chargepoints or chargepoint back office solutions

Test OCPI and OCPP implementations across a range of chargers

Benchmark their charger performance against the competition

Data and software solutions to validate performance of the chargers matches the performance they see in their systems

Key features of the Living Lab

Options available in the living lab include

Three different V2G chargers with more scheduled for later in the year

Over ten different smart chargers

Chargepoint management system to control and gather data on the chargers

Option for EVs to be made available for testing

Practical support to help with your testing and setting up rigs

Expert technical support to help troubleshoot issues identified

Energy system living lab – in addition to the electric vehicle testing, we have solar PV, batteries and electric heating which can all be controlled and tested with a range of products. Launching Autumn 2021!

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