WICET: Trialling wireless electric vehicle charging

Wireless Charging for Electric Taxis


The purpose of the WiCET project is to investigate the commercial and technical viability of wireless charging for full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, with particular focus on taxis (Hackney Carriages) and private hire fleets. The project will explore the potential to install wireless chargers in taxi ranks and examine the technical, commercial and operational implications. Secondary use-cases will also be explored including the use of wireless charging for emergency vehicles when they are on duty waiting for a call out.

Project approach

Demonstrating the financial, operational and technical benefits of wireless charging for electric taxis.

H19 Role

Our role in the WiCET project is to extend our Hubeleon back office system to develop the billing engine to simplify the user experience for the taxi drivers, particularly if multiple wireless charging pads are located across a taxi rank. We will also develop site controllers to interface with the pads, measuring energy usage and converting usage to charge cycles.


Partners include