ADVENT: Distribution Network Health monitoring via charge points

Advanced Data-driven Virtual Electricity Network Tracking

We are recruiting sites for trial in Writtle, Essex

We are inviting the Writtle community to apply to participate in Project ADVENT (2nd trial area) and take part in a 6-month trial!

To apply please visit the Crowd Charge website by clicking the button below.

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ADVENT is funded by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Project status

Start date: June 2020

End date: May 2022

Status: In progress


Monitoring and managing the electricity network is becoming increasingly challenging as we transition from a centralized to a decentralized renewable system. Having visibility of the network is vital to reduce risk, but current methods of monitoring are prohibitively expensive.

Project approach

ADVENT aims to utilise the data from electric vehicle (EV) charging points and other connected devices to develop and test a virtual network monitoring system based on voltage readings from EV chargers. It will offer a cost-effective solution to:

  • Provide voltage and load monitoring at a fraction of the current cost
  • Highlight unreported microgeneration
  • Resolve Phase — Property identification, overcoming the labour-intensive process of fitting monitoring equipment to substations before walking to each property supply point.

Project Aims

Understand the feasibility of utilizing EV charge points as data nodes.

Determine how many nodes other a representative and reliable picture of the system health.

Design and develop a platform for DNO visibility of network health.

Project Stats


Trial sites in 3 DNO regions


monitoring devices for minimum of 6 months

H19 Role

Hangar19 are advancing the capability of our current products, the CPMS and Controller Range to extract, store and feed voltage data from charge points and other connected devices. This data will feed the University of Readings virtual network algorithms.