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Hangar19 are an engineering solutions company, enabling the development and delivery of electric vehicle services, equipment and associated energy infrastructure.

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What we do

We spend our time supporting and enabling the transition to electric mobility by helping to design and engineer exciting innovations in the eMobility space.

Engineering Services

Our team of experienced engineers provide a range of specialist solutions for applications across the transport, electric vehicle and energy sectors.

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We like helping our clients to solve product development problems and technical challenges. We apply our hardware and software expertise to find practical solutions in an affordable way. We know the market well, so can provide market insight with technical nous.


Product design

We have developed and supported market leading solutions in the electric vehicle space. In addition to our own Hubeleon product range, we help design and create products for our clients to improve…

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 …the performance and user experience of charging infrastructure and energy solutions for drivers, sites and networks. Our facilities enable us to rapid prototype and produce small product runs to help from concept to delivery.


EV living lab and test centre

We love working with the latest kit on the market and wanted to help others our large range of EV chargepoints and associated renewable energy devices at our ‘Hangar’.

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We are constantly identifying technical challenges as the industry develops and innovating to expand our Hubeleon product portfolio and grow our knowledge and consultancy offers.

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Hangar 19 know more about charging EVs than anyone else. When we need technical support they are the first place we go.

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About Us

Hangar19 develop solutions for smart cities focusing on sustainable transport, environmental monitoring and energy management. We have been working with partners to deliver projects that integrate transport, encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and provide ways to solve environmental monitoring with new technologies such as cloud based software & IOT communication networking.

Leveraging our electric vehicle work we are now working in renewable energy management, grid load management and vehicle to grid (V2G) applications in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Our core product is Hubeleon, a Device Management System designed specifically for energy, eMobility and integrated transport and traffic applications.

The growth of intelligent transport infrastructure and networked systems with thousands of communicating devices has driven the need for management systems/platforms with which to administer, monitor and control these diverse intelligent assets. Hubeleon is a software platform which serves all these capabilities and is then configurable for each particular purpose/instance.

Hangar19 has extensive expertise across the electric mobility and sustainable energy product and services sector. We pride ourselves on technical problem solving and supporting businesses who share our vision of an electric future to deliver a seamless and reliable service for EV charging.

EV Chargepoint Management and Controllers

We produce our own range of products for the EV market through our Hubeleon brand. More information can be found on the Hubeleon website. These include:

Hubeleon chargepoint management system

Hubeleon communications modules

Hubeleon controllers

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